UPDATE (8/15/2023): All scheduled updates are completed for the 8/15/2023 summer maintenance.

Changes include updates to all gateways, increased network resiliency (addressing the source of our recent outages), reinstalling some dev nodes, upgrading backend servers, adding reliability and performance for /opt/software, and a major Open OnDemand upgrade (version 2 -> version 3).

We are still resolving a globus error.

Our tests look good, however please contact us if you encounter any errors.

UPDATE (8/7/2023): Due to unforeseen circumstances, the ICER maintenance and downtime scheduled for Tuesday, August 8th will not proceed as planned. The maintenance window and downtime are rescheduled for Tuesday, August 15, 2023. No jobs will run during the August 15 maintenance window.

Any jobs scheduled to complete between now and end of day August 14th will continue to run as scheduled. Jobs that will not be completed before August 15th will not begin until after maintenance is complete. For example, if you submit a four day job three days before the maintenance outage, your job will be postponed and will not begin to run until after maintenance is completed. If you have any questions, please contact us